Software Development

  • Website Design and Development

AIT, a web application development company takes care of all your web and application development challenges with a complete range of bespoke web development services right from Need Analysis, Conceptualization, Development, Implementation, Testing, to Maintenance and support. Whether you require a simple web application from ground up or a colossal one with complex integrations – we do it all.

  • Mobile Application Development

Mobile technology has not only changed the way we consume entertainment, but also the way we conduct business. Mobile Application development is a field that organizations are banking on very seriously, as with its vast reach and easy access; this is a technology that no one can afford to ignore. At AIT, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the mobile app development domain; our services are diverse and support development on all major platforms.

  • Software Testing

AIT has:

Capability to provide both manual as well as test automation services

Ability to handle open source technologies as well as commercial tools

Expertise in using a wide range of tools for defect tracking, automation and test management

  • Bespoke Software development

Offshore software development has proved to be effective and essential for organizations. By outsourcing custom software development to AIT, you can be assured that the solutions delivered, meet the global standards of software development.


IT Managed Services

  • Server Support & Monitoring

Server management is the maintenance and management of servers to keep it running in top condition. Today IT server management is not an option, it’s an essential requirement. Poorly managed or unmanaged servers usually end up getting hacked, important data loss and downtime. Our Outsourced Server Management Services helps you manage the daily operations of servers, keeps businesses current with technology and best practices, and reduces costs

  • Desktop Support

It is a complete plan of preventive maintenance services for desktop computers keeping them secure and operating at peak performance. The Desktop Management Services cover the whole ‘life cycle’ of desktop environments, from deploying the desktops installing software, to running the network and supporting the real desktop users.

  • Network Support

AIT delivers proactive managed services that keep your network up and running at optimal effectiveness and efficiency, with superior network performance, security, and reliability—all at an affordable price.

  • Application Support

AIT’s Application Support Outsourcing services are about more than ‘keeping the lights on for less’ – they represent a commitment to continuous improvement and value generation.

  • ITIL Service Management

Whether or not your business outsources your IT function, it is vital your infrastructure and application IT platforms are properly managed. AIT’s Managed Services ensures your IT services are effective, efficient and aligned to your business objectives.

  • Remote Support Management

Our remote support centre is ideal for small and medium IT Support companies. We provide the first and Second level support to your customers thus reducing your costs incurred with onsite visits.

  • Service Desk

Outsourcing call centre services or contact centre management solutions to AIT can transform your business processes and save up to 50% costs. Give your business a competitive edge and increase your organization’s efficiency by getting a virtual call centre by offshoring to India.

Finance and accounting Services

  • Accounts payable processing

Invoice processing service offers a modern and effective method of capturing both paper and electronic invoices with in-built technology designed to ‘learn’ over time to improve match rates and cut down on manual intervention. Our service captures, encodes, validates and integrates with all leading ERP engines to remove manual processes from clients, apply heightened rigour in the process and deliver consistent, high quality results every time.

  • Accounts receivable processing

Accounts Receivable service offers a modern and effective method of managing the full end to end process of collections, payment matching, credit control and debt management.

  • Book Keeping

We function just as customers’ virtual back-office for all their bookkeeping and accounting work right from set-up, support, maintenance and consultancy with accounting. By outsourcing bookkeeping services to India, you can benefit from the cost advantages of AIT’s customized finance and accounting services.

  • Credit control

Credit control is all about controlling risk. The risk of bad debt, the risk of late payment, the risk of providing credit terms and the risk of keeping goodwill with your customers. By maintaining regular scheduled contact with your customers, our outsourced credit control service will protect your business from the risk posed by late and non-paying customers.

  • Payroll

Payroll processing involves tedious routine work. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on growing your business. Save cost, focus on core tasks and enable growth without manpower and infrastructure restrictions.

Administration and Business Support

  • Data Entry Services

With our strong business processes, a well-qualified data entry and processing team, robust infrastructure, security measures, you can be assured that your data entry work operations are in safe hands.

  • Data Processing Services

When speed is the hymn of smart business you need everything automated. Automatic data processing and information processing are elements which can help you keep pace with the challenges of your business. If your organization is looking for accurate, efficient and fast data processing services, then you have come to the right place.

  • Market Research Services

The team at AIT has years of experience working with our clients to identify and conduct different types of market research most critical to their business. Our services include customized surveys, in-depth market research reports, and competitive analysis.

  • HR Administration

Our human resource management services are designed to help customers reduce cost, enhance employee satisfaction and improve the delivery of HR strategies. Over the years, we have been revolutionizing HR management for several companies with our expertise in HR strategy, process redesign, organization change and employee relationship management.