Finance and Accounting Services

  • Accounts payable processing

Invoice processing service offers a modern and effective method of capturing both paper and electronic invoices with in-built technology designed to ‘learn’ over time to improve match rates and cut down on manual intervention. Our service captures, encodes, validates and integrates with all leading ERP engines to remove manual processes from clients, apply heightened rigour in the process and deliver consistent, high quality results every time.

  • Accounts receivable processing

Accounts Receivable service offers a modern and effective method of managing the full end to end process of collections, payment matching, credit control and debt management.

  • Book Keeping

We function just as customers’ virtual back-office for all their bookkeeping and accounting work right from set-up, support, maintenance and consultancy with accounting. By outsourcing bookkeeping services to India, you can benefit from the cost advantages of AIT’s customized finance and accounting services.

  • Credit control

Credit control is all about controlling risk. The risk of bad debt, the risk of late payment, the risk of providing credit terms and the risk of keeping goodwill with your customers. By maintaining regular scheduled contact with your customers, our outsourced credit control service will protect your business from the risk posed by late and non-paying customers.

  • Payroll

Payroll processing involves tedious routine work. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on growing your business. Save cost, focus on core tasks and enable growth without manpower and infrastructure restrictions.